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"I do not exaggerate when I say that Pat Scott is the best therapist I have ever had. I learned so much and cherished our therapeutic relationship so greatly from the work we first did together in 2003, that when I thought about going into therapy again a few years ago, she was the person I looked for. Thankfully, I found her. If you are prepared to work hard and to dig deeply and truthfully, Pat is the therapist to work with. I always feel safe with and supported by her. She listens, helps to connect the dots and always gives me clear and honest feedback. I always feel validated and empowered when I work with her."

"2 years ago I moved to Mexico after my husband was deported. I had two small children and was living in a new country that I had been forced to relocate to. After the trauma of this enormous change and trying to adapt to our new life, I was suffering from depression and severe anxiety. I had struggled with this before and was prescribed medication but it seemed to have stopped working. I felt extremely crippled by my anxiety and the stress of my new life. When I first started seeing Pat she right away started to help me regain control of my anxiety and provided the tools I needed to move forward from the trauma. In a short amount of time I began to feel more confident in my choices and more capable of dealing with the stress of life. I have continued to work with Pat on a weekly basis and feel like I always have the support I need to get through my ups and downs I am a better mother, and person because if her guidance. She has given me back my power and I don’t know where I would be today without her love and support"

"In my 75th year I decided to get some counseling to deal with some old, stubborn bad habits, as well to investigate some “lost” parts of myself. I had some very good experience with a regular psychotherapist, but I felt that there were some areas of my psyche that were dormant, outside the scope of that therapeutic inquiry. In a couple of meetings with Patricia I was able to tap into some of those dimensions; she helped me communicate with myself in an entirely different, non-verbal way, which has awakened some neglected domains of my internal experience. Working with Patricia was fun, gentle, very relaxing and at the same time quite profound. I expect to continue to work with Patricia when I return to San Miguel. Art therapy’s was a wonderfully fresh experience for a guy who was dissuaded early in life from thinking of

himself as artistic."

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